Terms & Conditions

  1. These points make up all of the terms of contract between Busfleet Australia Pty Ltd trading as ‘Park Connections’ (‘us/we’) and the customer (‘passenger/you’).  Park Connections services are operated by Busfleet Australia Pty Ltd.
  2. Prices/Tickets: All prices are in AUD and are inclusive of 10% Goods and Services Tax. We reserve the right to vary the price at any time without notice.  Pre-purchased tickets for confirmed departures are still valid for travel where the price has changed. There will be no refunds if the new prices are lower than the old. Day passes are only valid for the person who first uses them ie. they are not transferable. Passengers can expect to be Photo ID checked.
  3. Space on the buses: To guarantee that you can get onto a specific service you need to book yourself on that service.  If you turn up and a bus is full you will have to wait for the next one.
  4. Behaviour: We are not a common carrier and therefore can refuse to carry a person whose behaviour is detrimental to the enjoyment of the group. By travelling with us you agree to accept the authority of the Driver and accept their decisions. Our staff are entitled to a safe working environment and our passengers to a great experience. Any threats to safety, being physical or verbal, or inappropriate behaviour may result in removal from the trip. If a Driver requires a passenger to leave the trip no refunds will be given and the passenger in question will be responsible for their own travel costs from that point.
  5. Published information: We will endeavour to adhere to published/stated departure, arrival and general travel times however on occasion, external and unpredictable events may prevent us from meeting  these times. In these scenarios we are not liable for any loss or damage arising out of, or consequentially upon, any abandonment of, or delay in, any departure.  We make a concerted effort to ensure the accuracy of our brochures and web content however on occasion details may vary. Liaise with your Driver Guide for clarification.  Where new information has been published (as shown by the validity date) it supersedes all older published. 
  6. Disruptions: We will not be held liable for unforeseen disruptions to your trip that are beyond our control (weather, natural disasters, third party service changes, etc). We will always endeavour to assist you but encourage you to take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy that will cover you for unforeseen disruptions, cancelling and cutting short your trip, delayed departures, accident and medical. 
  7. Sickness & injury: While all care will be taken, we will not be held liable for any sickness or injury to any customer.
  8. Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is not included with our tickets or passes. We strongly recommend that you take insurance to cover you for accidents, injury, illness and death medical expenses, including any related to pre-existing medical conditions, emergency repatriation (including helicopter rescue and air ambulance where applicable) and personal liability. We also recommend that it covers cancellation, curtailment and loss of/damage of personal effects.  We do not take responsibility for any personal possessions lost under any circumstances. 
  9. We accept no responsibility for any independently operated activity a passenger chooses to undertake while travelling with us.
  10. Illegal activity: If passengers are caught with non-prescription, illegal drugs or partaking in illegal activities while travelling with us, any resulting consequences (incarceration, capital punishment and even death) will result in the passengers ticket or pass being nullified (voided) without refund. Stray will refuse carriage and will take no responsibility for passengers partaking in illegal activities.
  11. Images and video: On occasion, we conduct photo and video projects for the purposes of promoting our products and services. Passengers on these trips will be given the option to opt out of any such activities. Passengers are to advise their Driver should they wish to be excluded. If you do not opt out you are consenting to us using the images taken whilst on your trip for advertising and promotional purposes worldwide, royalty-free in any medium.
  12. Competitions and Prizes: our products included as part of a competition or prize pack cannot be exchanged for cash, sold or transferred. Products must be redeemed within 12 months of the announcement or within a specific time frame if stated in the competition/prize terms, or the prize will be forfeited. These generic terms apply unless a variation is specified in the competition’s terms.
  13. Privacy: When purchasing a ticket or pass with us you will only be contacted by us with information directly relating to the supply of the product or service you have purchased. These types of communications include booking confirmations, pre departure information and service updates before, during or after travel. Unless you have opted-in to receive other types of communications from us (ie. general news, offers etc) you will not be contacted by us. You can opt out of any communication by emailing us at [email protected] or by using the unsubscribe link in the footer of our emails. Please note, if you do so, we will not be able to communicate with you about any service or trip updates and it becomes your responsibility to communicate with us.
  14. Disputes: Should you wish to raise any issues regarding your travel with us, it is your responsibility to notify us as soon as possible so that we have every reasonable opportunity to resolve the issue.
    • If you are currently travelling: Advise your Driver of your concern immediately so that steps can be taken to address the matter. If you would prefer to contact us directly, email enquiries@parkconnections.com.au
    • If you have finished travelling: You must email [email protected] within 28 days of the dispute in question.
      We will not consider claims that are submitted 28 days after the dispute in question. Please provide a valid email address so we can provide a written response.
  15. Law: These terms and conditions apply to the extent that they are NOT inconsistent with, or in contravention of, any obligation imposed on us by the law of New South Wales.
  16. Luggage/carry on: Luggage must be limited to one backpack, bag or case per person with a maximum weight of 10kgs as our buses have limited storage space. You may also travel with cameras, valuables, raincoats and items you will need to access throughout the day. We do not take any responsibility for any damage to, or loss of, any property or personal effects under any circumstances while passengers are utilising any of the services which we provides.  To remove doubt it is at the Drivers discretion what is allowed to be bought onto the bus by any customer.
  17. Fuel: We have got fuel efficient buses to minimise our consumption but we reserve the right to put in place a fuel surcharge (at any time post ticket purchase) if fuel prices increase significantly during the pricing validity. Any surcharge will be payable to your Driver.
  18. Safety in the Park: See www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/safety We provide transport for you to participate in activities of your choice in the Royal National Park.  It is your sole responsibility to determine if you are qualified, equiped and capable of participating in any activity.  You choose to participate in any activity at your own discretion. If you are a parent or guardian, children travelling with you are also your responsibility.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have access to food and water. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are sunsafe.
  19. Refunds: We will refund any ticket or pass prior to the day of travel or if travel on the day has been cancelled.  We will not refund any ticket or pass once travel has commenced.
  20. Cancelled services:  We reserve the right to cancel services at any time for any reason.  Usually the reason will be that the whole park is closed. You can use your ticket on an equivalent later service or get a refund on un-used tickets.  We will publish information on cancelations on our www.parkconnections.com.au website.
  21. Missed departures: While we endeavor to operate services according to the published timetables, because of the environment in which we operate and the lack of data signal in the park, they are a guideline only.  We are unable to do updates during the day. We will not be responsible for any costs incurred by you from late departures or from you missing any departure for any reason.

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