Royal National Park
Transport and Activity options

Park Connections’ bus services transform the way that you can experience The Royal National Park. They connect transport hubs on the outside and edge of the park with the attractions within; giving you the best options for point-to-point walks, visiting the well-known attractions and accessing the more remote areas.

Suggestions for walks and routes

Coast Trackhead (North) to Wattamolla

  • 2 hour walk, 8.6 km
  • Medium difficulty, 172 metres gained

Wedding Cake Rock, Great views, Whales in season, Swim Wattamolla; Lagoon (safe), Ocean (needs care)

Garie Beach to Coast Trackhead (South)

  • 2.5 hour walk, 10 klm
  • Medium difficulty

Garie Beach, Heritage shacks, Burning Palms beach, Figure 8 pools option.

Lady Carrington Drive (South) to Audley

  • 1.5 hour cycle, 3 hour walk. 10 klm
  • Easy cycle, Medium difficulty walk

A scenic trip along a historic carriage route. Traversing 15 creeks, through blue gums, turpentines and rainforest. A number of great picnic spots.

Waterfall Station (near) to Audley

  • 2 hour walk, 8.6 klm
  • Medium difficulty

Wedding High country, heathland, woodlands, Uloola Falls, option to go to Peach Trees Trig Station for views, interesting rock outcrops.

Garawarra Farm to Coast Trackhead (South) via figure 8 pools

  • 2 hour walk, 8.6 klm
  • Medium difficulty

Figure 8 pool, Burning palms, Palm Jungle, Werrong Lookout.

Garawarra Farm to Garie Beach

  • 2 to 2.5 hour walk, 8.8 klm
  • Medium difficulty

Figure 8 pool, Burning palms, Garie Beach.

One of Australia’s greatest natural attractions
– and just 26 kms south of Sydney’s CBD

The Park is well known for its many great point to point walks, remote beaches and other world class scenic attractions. But it can be difficult to explore, it is large – over 150 square kilometres – has previously had no public transport options, has limited parking and even if you have a car there is no easy way to retrieve it after a point to point walk.

Our Fares

We offer sector fares and day passes. Tickets can be open or you can book a specific departure (to guarantee a space).

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*under 5’s are free


‘Park Connections’ goal is to offer the best possible sustainable transport service for visitors in the Royal National Park. We are honoured to have the opportunity to operate services in such an amazing environment, where our activity can significantly promote park values. Indeed the reason our service exists is to minimalise the impact of visitors (and their transport) while dispersing them within the park. By default our services ease pressure on the existing access points and facilities. We are aware though that we have to help educate potential visitors on the options that our transport services open up. The options that we have identified on our website are a start – this list will grow over time. Getting visitors into buses and out of cars also has a huge impact on the environment – one bus can replace 40 cars. Our mini-coaches are rated ‘Euro 6’ which is the lowest emission vehicle currently available in its class (our back-up large vehicles are Euro 2 – we will upgrade these with lower emission vehicles if we determine that we need large vehicles full-time). We carry information on the buses to help educate visitors on sustainable practices. A key – and not obvious – benefit of our service is that it makes a nature based experience much more accessible for many. We aim to educate and attract potential visitors who previously would not have visited the park. We can still do more and aim to constantly improve. We will collect usage and satisfaction data on our services to help us improve our offering over time.

– Cheers Neil Geddes, Director

News & Updates

a whale breaching

Winter Timetable Now Available

As a result of several factors (fires, floods and flu) plus daylight savings about to arrive, we have decided to alter the operating hours/timetable in preparation for the winter ahead.…
A picture of Otford Railway Station

Otford Services Suspended

As we move towards the end of Summer, our Otford service has ceased to operate as a scheduled service. If you have a large group booking, contact us to enquire…
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Safety Update 5th January

Due to total fire bans and a HIGH Fire Danger Rating, all walking trails in the Royal National Park are closed for Sunday 5th January. SUN 5TH JAN Services affected…